Village Championships down to final races on April 10


Veterans show up big in penultimate race

Some might say winter disappears with the vernal equinox, others may pinpoint Easter.

But in Mammoth, spring doesn’t happen until the racers in the Village Championships are through with their business, and that means April 10 this year.

With the team and individual championships all but wrapped up in advance of the final races, the VC racers on Tuesday, March 26, toyed with the race course in the second-to-last race of the season.

It was a drag race, through and through, and some of the more veteran racers took control of a course that had very little in terms of technical variation.

Clifford Mann won the Legend Men’s B race, for example, while Joani Lynch, following up on her daughter Erin’s fast times in the Junior VCs a week earlier, also turned in a blistering result.

Also racing on Tuesday was veteran racer Bobby Tanner.

There was a lot of room—and time—for fun, too. For example, Jimmy Greenleaf skied both runs backward, and remarkably, did not finish last.

Also on the course was the father-and-son team of Adam and James Gooch. Adam was a member of the Mammoth Junior Race Team a long time ago, while James is a current member. Adam barely beat out James in their head-to-head match.

Also in the family were the Porges sisters. Older sister Janine tried hard to beat Valerie, but Val got the win.