We are in the tourism and recreation business


I would like to respond to your editorial “Nice is Hard” in the Mammoth Times March 22 issue.

Your editorial perfectly illustrates a problem some people have in our community. That is the notion that visitors to our resort who are frustrated, upset, or angry about the problems they face trying to have a fun vacation in Mammoth have somehow offended us and therefore forfeit their expectation of good service or even politeness from us.

That idea is simply not true, worse; it is destructive to our reputation and future business.

We are in the tourism and recreation business. Everyone in Mammoth either works directly in tourism or works for someone else who does.

Our guests have a right to expect patience and helpfulness from us, even when they have a hard time. Our best businesses train their employees to handle these situations, to be patient, to be understanding, and to be helpful to guests, even when it is hard.

Sure, nice is sometimes hard, but that’s the business we are in. Let’s be good at it! Let’s take pride in providing great service in Mammoth.

Jack Copeland

President, Mammoth Lakes Chamber of Commerce