We live in a time of extremely radical transformation

It may be a good idea to take that leap of faith and leave our little provincial stories behind and grab the new experience as it comes along and interpret it.

At this very moment we get to examine politics and economics where there clearly is lunatic conflict. Politics means dominating somebody else. Economics also is winning over somebody else. 
It is a bit discouraging to witness those involved in political life. There is a sense of betrayal with values that are inscrutable. It’s hard to understand the primary interest of those that is monetary only. The old political style rears its ugly head and turns the man on the opposing team into a monster. The game is no longer civilized and it exhausts us.
This is the time of year where our amazing mountain community puts aside the nasty game of politics and the businessman’s mentality to focus on the more important things that honor our artists and poets. It’s that time of year when art and poetry and music reminds us of what is most vital for a community’s culture. And at the same time we recover our connections with nature. As more and more beautiful wildlife sculptures appear on our street corners next to the wildflowers, our village overflows with artistic expression and celebration after celebration. Arts and crafts, food, wine & beer tasting experiences, jazz, pop, classical music festivals galore, Shakespeare in the woods, a rib and chili cookoff, more music festivals, more culinary experiences, more smiling faces ... all the way to Oktoberfest.
Makes you feel a bit sorry for those who are only passing through, doesn’t it?
Dennis Kostecki
Mammoth Lakes