"Welcome to the Eastern Sierra" magazine hits the racks

A new magazine introducing readers to the wonders and activities of Mammoth and the Eastern Sierra appeared on the streets Friday.

Tucked into the June 29 issue of the Mammoth Times newspaper, the 72-page, tabloid-sized publication contains a comprehensive calendar for Fourth of July activities up and down the Eastside, from Independence in the south to Walker and Coleville in the north.

The Welcome magazine is geared to inform and educate tourists and locals on all the various activities that occur in the Eastern Sierra throughout summer," said publisher Aleksandra Gajewski. "There's so much going on, it's easy to be overwhelmed.

"Grab a copy, circle the events you want to attend, and get on up here!"

Six writers contributed the magazine, as well as a host of photographers.

In addition to calendar listings for the entire summer season, it contains a breakout section for activiities, from biking and dining, camping and climbing, hiking and running, and so on.

It is a free publication.