When the going gets rough, the cops have a ball

When things get all gnarly, you’d think the cops would get all grumpy.

Not so, according to Police Chief Dan Watson, a former officer with Los Angeles Police Department.
Instead, they have a ball.

“I’ve worked some really busy nights in L.A.,” Watson said.

“On a really busy night, with all kinds of crime, with officers going from one call to another. That’s a fun night. It’s what we’re here for.

“We don’t have that kind of activity here in Mammoth. But what I sensed on the radio, everybody was out there.

“When it was blizzarding, everybody was hustling, they were all working with each other, they were all working with the other agencies and they were all having a good time.

“That’s their version of the adrenaline high that comes with being a police officer in Mammoth Lakes.”
Hustling would be an understatement.

Not only was there a blizzard throughout the holiday season, the town was full as never before.

Factor in New Year’s Eve, and there was a perfect recipe for a disaster that never happened.

“We were busy. I understand that Mammoth Mountain had the largest single day in skier visits last week.
“There were a lot of people in town, and a lot of traffic, and the weather meant a lot of traffic, cars getting stuck in the snow and that kind of thing.

“So our people, along with the Fire Department and Public Works, were busy. New Year’s Eve was predictably busy but there were no major incidents.

“We made a number of arrests for DUI and a we had a few minor incidents, but certainly nothing major. It was a good holiday season from our point of view.”

“It was really good to see. There was a lot of esprit de corps, and that’s what it’s all about.

“It’s what we’re here for.”