Who is Deb Pierrel?

Pierrel, 52, is a San Jose native who attended San Jose State before beginning a career in hospitality that eventually took her to Steamboat Springs, Colorado.


Unhappy in Colorado, she said she hired a headhunter and ended up taking a job as manager of Juniper Springs Resort and the surrounding Mammoth Mountain Ski Area properties.


“When I first drove into town, I thought, ‘This is it.’ It wasn’t too far away from my family in the Bay Area, first of all, but within a month, I got Echo, my dog, started a job and met [her husband] Fred.


“I usually give a place two or three years but here it is, 12 or 13 years later, and I’m still here.”


Pierrel is owner of CLE Hospitality, served on the town’s now-disbanded Airport Commission, and also helped form a citizen group, with Sandy Hogan and Joyce Turner, to re-write the town’s budget to make it understandable.


Her husband. Fred, is a well-known chef in Mammoth, currently working at the new Rock ‘n’ Bowl on Chateau Road.