Who is Stacy Corless?

Stacy Corless, 43, is the former director of the Mammoth Mountain Community Foundation and, before that, director of the Friends of the Inyo.


After earning a BA at UC Irvine and a Master’s Degree at UC Berkeley, the Lancaster native came to the Eastern Sierra 15 years ago as a teacher, entrepreneur, writer and publisher.


“Like so many locals,” she said, “I came to Mammoth Lakes for a season and ended up staying and making a home here. I now live in Old Mammoth with my husband and our two dogs (both Big Pine animal shelter treasures). I spend as much time as I can outside, walking, running, hiking, skiing and staring at the sky.”


She co-founded Eastside Magazine in 2007, and wrote and edited for local publications and the Wilderness Press. She helped author one of the leading hiking guides in the region, and received writing awards from the Outdoor Writers Association of California.


She is married to Ron Cohen, an executive at Mammoth Mountain Ski Area. Aware of perceived possible conflicts, she said she would recuse herself from votes on such issues if elected.