Winter Comes to Mammoth—in May

New aspen leaves along Parker Creek contrast with new snow May 9.Reflections of new snow along Parker Creek May 9.Even the White Mountains received snow.By midnight May 7, Mammoth had more snow than from almost any storm in two years.Mammoth Mountain will stay open at least another week after 12"-18" of new snow fell on the mountain.Old cabins along U.S. 395 near the June Lake junction (north) the morning after the storm cleared.The storm started warm but quickly turned to an icy, snowy, winter storm, despite it being May.

Although it is now late spring, one of the biggest snowstorms of the last eight months arrived on May 7 and lasted well into May 8, dropping at least a foot of snow above 7,000 feet, and extending north to Lake Tahoe to south to Death Valley. Photos/Wendilyn Grasseschi