Following a surge in Covid-19 cases, most of them from the highly contagious Delta mutation of the original Covid-19 virus, Mono County public health officials said the county will move to a mask requirement for all indoor public spaces beginning this Friday, Aug. 6.

No other restrictions are planned, they said.

The requirement will be for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people, they said, with recent research showing even fully vaccinated residents and visitors can carry enough of the virus in their mucosal membranes to easily infect other people (even as the vaccinated are about 98 percent protected from getting very sick or dying).

The masking requirement, sure to be controversial, was only embarked upon because local health officials are worried the Delta variant will hit Mono County’s youth who are too young to be vaccinated and others who are unvaccinated hard due the new variant’s extreme transmissibility.

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