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This is a copy of the image that ran in the May 19, 2005 issue of the Mammoth Times where the first story was written about the murder of Isobel Bernal Sanchez. Current Mammoth resident Diego Santiago Hernandez Antonia was arrested last week on Aug. 13 on suspicion of killing her, 18 years after Sanchez  was murdered and her body dumped near Shady Rest Park in Mammoth. 

The search for the killer of Isobel Bernal Sanchez started 18 long years ago

Ed. Note: This article ran in the May 19, 2005 issue of the Mammoth Times and is reprinted here in full. This is the story that set the stage for the arrest of Mammoth local Diego Santiago Hernandez-Antonia (see our present day story on his arrest in the Aug. 19, 2021 issue of the Times).

 Local Homicide Case Goes National

Techniques used may impact crime fighting across the country 

By Wendilyn Grasseschi

Times Staff Writer

“You are what you drink.”

That’s what Mammoth Lakes Police Department homicide investigator Sergeant Paul Dostie is finding these days, as he continues to pursue a 3-year-old apparent homicide case of a woman whose body was found by a hiker and a dog near Shady Rest Park in May of 2003.

In what may be the first real break in tracking the identity of the victim, Dostie, using some of the country’s best known experts, has finally been able to narrow the search for the unidentified woman and to assign her a race (Native American) due in large part to using an innovative technique never before used in crime fighting. The technique traces the woman’s movement through time and space by identifying the origins of the water she drank throughout her life.

In doing so, Dostie and the tiny little Mammoth Lakes Police department have attracted the attention of some of the country’s most noted experts in identification fields, as well as the national news media who ran a special on Dostie’s case last week on ABC. They postulated that the techniques used in the Mammoth homicide case may forever change the way that crime is fought and crimes are solved; across the country and the world.


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