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A group of people take in the fresh snow at Minaret Vista a few days ago; the road to the Vista remains open this morning, Oct. 18 but right past the Vista turnoff, the road is closed at the gate to Reds Meadow due to snow. The road to Reds is a single-lane, winding, very steep road and it is very dangerous when there is ANY snow on the road. 

The Lakes Basin Road has closed temporarily this morning. Oct. 18 due to snow.

The Reds Meadow Road and the Old Mammoth Road section from the Bluffs and into the Lakes Basin closed yesterday and will remain closed until safe.  

All Sierra passes are still closed this morning, Oct. 18.

There are also several places on U.S. 395 in Mono County with chain controls in place this morning due to snow and ice:

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