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Mammoth could see another six to eight inches of snow before the current storm exits, bringing the total in town to close to a foot of snow. Mammoth Mountain could see five feet of snow by tomorrow morning, Oct. 26. 

The official numbers are in; this is the wettest October on record according to Mammoth forecaster Howard Sheckter. According to Sheckter, the current atmospheric river storm dropped almost nine inches of precipitation (this is the total amount of water in the snow and rain) and about THREE FEET of snow on the summit of Mammoth Mountain, for a total snowpack of almost five feet on top of the summit (about 11,000 feet elevation).

While about average for a good, Mammoth area storm in January, February or March, that amount of precipitation comes in at the most precipitation for any October on record, he said. The vast bulk of the precipitation came in as rain over a 30-hour period starting early Sunday morning, not snow, due to the time of the year and the subtropical nature of the storm, he said. If all of this precipitation had come in as snow, Mammoth Mountain could have received more than ten feet of snow, he said.

That said, the two-day storm is forecast to rapidly begin moving out of the area, he said, with the skies expected to clear later today and into the night.

Another foot or so of snow is still possible on Mammoth Mountain before that occurs, with possibly a foot of snow total in Mammoth itself, he said. 

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