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Mammoth's bears are back. 

Cars, porches and trash containers need to be secured

Weather folklore says that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. In Mammoth Lakes, a hungry bear that just woke up from a long winters’ nap comes in and stays until late fall. That is exactly what happened this week when Mammoth went from a bear-free zone to lots of bears out and about due to the rapidly warming temperatures and the melting snow. The result has been predictable; trash from unsecured trash cans spilled out across lawns, parking lots and snowbanks. Unless something changes radically and ten feet of snow hits Mammoth in the next few weeks, that... is that. The bears are back and Mammoth residents and visitors will need to once again get prepared to live with them. 

How does that happen?

• Secure and bear proof your trash. This means fasten all locks and clips on all trash containers and make sure all trash containers are bear proof. Do not leave trash in your garage; the bears can scent it and will likely try to break in. The same with porches, sheds and other buildings.

• Never leave food, coolers, or scented items in your car. This can include things like left over papers from fast food, or even catsup packets in a glove box or Cheerios under the seat from kids. Bears can find all these things. Once summer comes, even toothpaste and sunscreen can be attractive to bears.

• Close your car windows and lock the doors.

• At home, keep your doors and windows shut and locked.

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