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The Owens Gorge DWP Power Plant. 

High water flows could be dangerous to climbers

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power will release higher-than-normal water down the Owens River Gorge Sept. 7-13, creating a potentially dangerous situation for anyone hoping to access the popular climbing area. 

As such, DWP is closing the Gorge area from Sept. 7 until Sept. 13, after which the flow will diminish again.

No public access will be allowed within the Owens River Gorge from Long Valley Dam to the Control Gorge Power Plant.

DWP will monitor the area during the closure.

The high flow regime, adopted as technique to improve the fishery and mimic a more natural cycle on the river (which is now fully controlled by several dams), is being done in cooperation with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and Mono County. 

“This channel maintenance will help improve fishery and wildlife habitat along the 10-mile stretch of river between the Upper Gorge Power Plant and Pleasant Valley Reservoir,” DWP said. 

The same high-water levels with strong currents pose potential safety hazards that could result in personal injury and property damage, they said. 


• Real time data on flow levels are available online: http://wsoweb.ladwp.com/Aqueduct/realtime/lvrealtime.htm

• For more information or to make a report please contact Water Operations Manager Eric Tillemans at 760-873-0256 or contact  

Communications and Public Affairs Manager Jessica Johnson at 

213-271-3369 or at jessica.johnson@ladwp.com

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