On the Trail: Under the Rainbow

Rainbow Fall is a justly famous hike, located not far from Mammoth. 

Rainbow Fall is justly famous and well worth the short, easy hike. It's a family friendly trail, suitable for children and grandparents, although it can get hot in mid-summer. 

Once hikers have covered the easy, one mile trail, the rewards are evident; a crashing foaming 101 feet of sheer, black rock cliffs and white water  – all the spring runoff of the Middle Fork of the San Joaquin River compressed into a tight, narrow channel dropping straight down into a deep, blue-green pool at the bottom of the fall.

And yes, there were rainbows – every direction you looked. Born of the spray and wind and sun, flashing, shimmering and shifting in the wind, there were rainbows everywhere; on our eye lashes, on each drop of water on our clothes, everywhere. And the grandest one of them all was there, at the base of the fall, brilliant colors shifting and rising with the roaring water.

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